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Free Microsoft Excel Quotation Template.

Description of this template.

This spreadsheet was designed with Australian trades people in mind. It allows
to create a clean job quote without having to worry about the layout
and without the use of a calculator.

Quick user guide.

We advise that you enter your business details after the download
and save the file as a template. You will then be able to open a new
document without having to enter your details every time.

The spreadsheet consists of 4 pages.

  • On page one you can enter materials. All prices will be calculated
    and added as you enter the item.
  • Page two has 3 different sections for work descriptions, Jobs
    calculated at hourly rate, jobs calculated at ²m rate.
  • Page 3 has extra space for additional work descriptions and
  • Page four is where you can enter the customisation data like
    hourly labour rate, GST and your business information.

This template can save time and effort and it will impress your prospective
customers with its neat presentation. All you have to do is enter the
information and everything will be added up for you. Page 2 shows the
totals of both, the material and the labour sheet.

Give it a go, we are sure you will like it and so will your customers. If you are
a professional and have been scribbling quotes on a piece of paper then this
will be a big improvement for you that could just make the difference between
getting a job and not getting a job.



Free Download for older MS Excel version.

This free download is a Microsoft Excel .xls and a plain text .txt file packed in a zip file.
This version of the template is intended for earlyer versions of MS Excel, from
1997 to 2003. If your computer saves Excel files with a .xls extension then this download
could be for you.

The download is in a .zip file and contains the excel document and a .txt file with basic instructions.

To download this free template now click here:

Free Download for newer MS Excel version.

This free download is a Microsoft Excel .xlsx and a plain text .xt file packed in a zip file.
This version works with the latest Excel versions from 2004 onwards. If your computer
saves Excel files with the extensions .xlsx then this download should be suitable for you.

To download this free template now click here:

Important note! 

The above downloads are provided free of charge and without warranty and support.
Do feel free to contact us with feedback and suggestions for improvements. We would
also appreciate any ideas for variations on this template that may suit specific trades.
If you have any problems or question please contact us via the contact link on this site,
but please remember, support for this free download is at our discretion.

Custom Template Design.

Need something that's more specific to your needs? We can custom design Microsoft Excel and Access templates
that meet your exact requirements. Enquire  now! 


Based on our Free Quote Template we have now creatded a paid version with some special
features not found anywhere else on the net.
Here is a list of the extras:

  • Sequential serial number incrementing automatically when a new quote is saved.
  • Automatic naming of the quote incorporating the Customer's name and Quote number.
  • Permanent quote creation date that will not change if the file is reopened.
  • Form based customisation of the template.
  • Form based edit of the Business details and other variable information.
  • Option to change all Tax column labels in a single selection box with the choices of "GST", "Tax", "VAT".

To learn more about this product or purchase for $5 AUD follow this link: Purchase this Quote Template now.
Or go to "Paid Downloads" on the main menu.